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    MOBO Awards – Loco official music partner

    Loco Music Company and the MOBO Organisation are excited to announce a partnership that embodies a shared vision of nurturing and promoting exceptional musical talent. Read More about: MOBO Awards – Loco official music partner

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    Breaking News

    Loco Music Company is the proud new partner of Académico do Sal.  As part Loco Musics, social policy, the one million escudos sponsorship, will be used to finance all the social and sporting activities planned for the year 2024. Read More about: Breaking News

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    Nicholas is an artist, from the heart of Massachusetts also known as “Black Sheep”. Born in the United States with Cape roots he has found success as a musician in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal. His journey in the world of music serves as a testament to the importance… Read More about: Nicholas

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    Renata Santos

    Renata Melanie Neves Dos Santos, a versatile and talented artist, was born on October 19, 1997, with a passion for music coursing through her veins. Her journey in the world of music began at a tender age, and it became evident that she possessed a rare gift that would captivate audiences for years to come. Read More about: Renata Santos

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    Cynthia Ramos, better known by her stage name Nitry, was born on the vibrant island of São Vicente and spent most of her childhood in the scenic Monte Sossego region. At the age of nine, her life took a turn when she was separated from her mother due to emigration and grew up under the care of her father, who eventually followed suit. Read More about: Nitry

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    Prego Prego

    Walter dos Reis, better known as MC Prego Prego, is a Cape Verdean artist who has made a significant impact in the music industry. It all started with his first solo single entitled “Prego Prego” now, he has 10 more songs on the market and 3 EPs with hit songs like “So Badjon” Read More about: Prego Prego

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    Mark Delman.

    Mark Delman Lopes Tavares, a talented and passionate artist hailing from the vibrant island of São Vicente, is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry. Read More about: Mark Delman.

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    MC Tranka Fulha.

    Tranka Fulha, also known as Mc Tranka Fulha, is a Cape Verdean musician and dancer who has made a name for himself in the national and international music scenes. Read More about: MC Tranka Fulha.

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    Erikson Renato Monteiro Gomes, known by his stage name Ary, is a talented musician and per- former from Mindelo, São Vicente Island, Cape Verde. Born on September 19, 1988, Ary grew up in a culturally rich environment with a passion for soccer, art, and dance. Read More about: Arybeatz.