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Erikson Renato Monteiro Gomes, known by his stage name Ary, is a talented musician and per- former from Mindelo, São Vicente Island, Cape Verde. Born on September 19, 1988, Ary grew up in a culturally rich environment with a passion for soccer, art, and dance.
He attended the Salesian school, where he participated in various activities, including theater, music lessons, dance, and soccer.

He also volunteered regularly and worked with his teachers to help those in need.

Ary made his semi-professional soccer debut with the Ribeira Bote team in São Vicente and has won many titles with Mindelense, including national and regional championships. In 2006, he joined the Ganster dance group, where he honed his skills in hip-hop dance. He also worked as a DJ for 5 years, performing on stages in São Vicente and Santo Antão.

In 2011, Ary entered the music industry as a beatmaker and producer, learning from renowned beatmaker Rockus. He released two successful songs with his colleagues Raybeatz and Yuran-

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