In a significant development for the global music industry, the Loco Music Company, based in Cape Verde, has received direct authorisation from the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) to issue International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) worldwide. This makes Loco Music the only record label in Cape Verde granted such authority, enhancing its position in the international music scene.

ISRCs, which are unique 12-digit alphanumeric codes, are crucial for the identification and tracking of sound recordings and music videos globally. These codes facilitate the efficient distribution and management of music rights, ensuring that artists and producers are properly compensated for the use of their work.

RISA, a non-profit organisation, represents the interests of record labels in South Africa and is tasked with the administration of ISRCs within the country. Their decision to grant Loco Music Company this authorization underscores the growing importance and influence of Cape Verdean music on the world stage.

For Cape Verdean artists and music labels, this advancement means that they can now obtain ISRCs directly through Loco Music Company without intermediaries. This direct access is expected to streamline processes, reduce costs, and speed up the distribution and tracking of their music internationally.

“This is a great piece of news for the Cape Verdean music industry and Loco Music Company PLC,” said Daniel Costa CEO for Loco Music Company. “It’s a testament to the vibrant talent and potential within Cape Verde’s music sector and its rising profile globally.”

The move is poised to boost the efficiency of music distribution from Cape Verde, making it easier for local artists to gain international recognition and contribute to the global music ecosystem.