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An interview with Loco Music Company founder, Mr Rob Jarrett.

Hi, welcome to Loco Music Company.

I first embraced the idea of Loco through Bikini Beach events. I am sure some of you will recognize Bikini Beach, starting out life in Sal, Cape Verde. But it was always my dream to build the only Beach Club in the world actually in the ocean—challenging, costly, and by far the most expensive internationally.

During the events we had planned, I invited local Cape Verdean artists to perform. I knew that by doing this, we could not only promote Bikini but also the artists themselves. Having become friends with many of the artists, I recognized that they lacked support and direction to establish themselves on the world stage. Most of the artists were underfunded and lacked support, but they still managed to achieve domestic fame through hard work and determination.

Under my philosophy “if you can, you should,” I decided to establish Loco as a Global Music Company initially to embrace Cape Verdean artists, but also to collaborate internationally with people I had met or become aware of over the years. I saw potential in the artists that nobody else was prepared to invest in, so that they could maximize their potential. I want their music to be world-renowned and to support this objective. Afro-Beats, Hip Hop, R&B, and Rapping are just a few areas that Loco could take to a global audience, but they haven’t truly experienced them linguistically.

I decided to put the word out through the two T’s: Touring and Technology. And so, “Loco Music Company PLC” was born!

This is our website that should give you more insight into Loco and its artists. I hope that you will enjoy it and look forward to seeing you in person at one of our events!

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